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    Posted on: October 26, 2009

    Whenever I tried to meditate repeating a mantra in silence initiated by my yoga teacher i have found that the words contained in the mantra disturbs my search for calmness. I often find myself thinking about only repeating the mantra and opening my eyes after sometime with no relief whatsoever. I need your advice on my opinion whether it is possible and whether it is right to just keep my eyes closed and slowly slip into quietness from within, shortly after listening to all the humdrum around me. Whether it is possible to practice this and get to a stage where as I try quiet myself in meditation I quickly reach the stage of calmness which is what my immediate requirement. There is always a feeling of dissatisfaction at the end of the day no matter how fast I race along with the time everyday to finish my daily chores, so please help me by highlighting on the above issue.

    Meditation is much more than repeating a mantra. When one is properly instructed in how to meditate, guidance is provided on how to deal with other thoughts and feelings including thoughts about the mantra and the urge to open one’s eyes. If your yoga teacher has given you general instruction in these matters and you need additional assistance, then you should contact him or her to get clarification. If your yoga teacher has not given you formal instruction, but only told you to say a mantra, then you should seek out a qualified meditation teacher and get the full instruction that you need to meditate correctly.
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