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  • Meditation and the Gap

    Posted on: September 1, 2011

    Is meditation beneficial even if you don’t get into the gap?

    Yes, because if you meditate correctly you will be more relaxed and refreshed afterward. But this is a good place to clarify what the gap is. The gap means the neutral unqualified mental space between two thoughts.  So during meditation when the thought of the mantra fades away and before another thought emerges there is that gap where there is no mantra and no thought. That is the silent self that is the source of all thought and creativity. When that experience lasts for a moment or many moments the awareness is awake and that experience of pure consciousness fills us with a sense of calm, expansiveness, joy and clarity. However, every time we transition from one thought to another in meditation, we are experiencing some level of the gap. And we can also get the benefit of brief flashes of the gap at a very deep level and yet not remember it or notice it at the time because of the excess fatigue and stress that is clouding our perception. That is why it’s important not to judge our meditation experiences based on how “deep” we feel we went. As long as we are meditating correctly, we are getting the benefit of gap and  releasing the conditioning that needs to be released so that clearer and clearer experiences of the self will open up.
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