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    Posted on: September 1, 2011

    Is meditation beneficial even if you don’t get into the gap?

    Yes, because if you meditate correctly you will be more relaxed and refreshed afterward. But this is a good place to clarify what the gap is. The gap means the neutral unqualified mental space between two thoughts.  So during meditation when the thought of the mantra fades away and before another thought emerges there is that gap where there is no mantra and no thought. That is the silent self that is the source of all thought and creativity. When that experience lasts for a moment or many moments the awareness is awake and that experience of pure consciousness fills us with a sense of calm, expansiveness, joy and clarity. However, every time we transition from one thought to another in meditation, we are experiencing some level of the gap. And we can also get the benefit of brief flashes of the gap at a very deep level and yet not remember it or notice it at the time because of the excess fatigue and stress that is clouding our perception. That is why it’s important not to judge our meditation experiences based on how “deep” we feel we went. As long as we are meditating correctly, we are getting the benefit of gap and  releasing the conditioning that needs to be released so that clearer and clearer experiences of the self will open up.


Laura Dawson | September 1,2011

Thank you and the whole Team there at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad for sharing the 21-Day Meditation Challenge with us. I love the gap.

heartphone | September 1,2011

The gap can also be reached when you are able to totally immerse in that what you are doing at one given moment.

It can even be in washing the dishes or reading a good book.
The gap can also be reached when writing
when painting
when playing a game
when sporting

In fact any occupation in which you can forget yourself will do.

heartphone | September 1,2011

the gap is the no-thing ness that always is with you when you are sound asleep.

The gap is present as nothing in everything…….

Brian | September 1,2011

To heartphone- totally agree. I’ve often experience it while playing guitar or piano or running or mountain biking.
While studying Kung Fu we referred to it as the non-mind state and would go between standing meditation and physical movement when the Sifu rang the bell.

heartphone | September 1,2011

Thank you Brian :)
The gap is a common thing to everyone.
We should not make a mystery of something that can be experienced in the most simple things in life…..

john of england | September 1,2011

agree with you brian a the heart……the gap the stillness of mind…..when we are imersed in something,heart soul and mind…….agree to make it like a fire fly,,bouncing around..a mystery…makes it a struggle to find and pin down…doing and being in love with a moment,,,is the surest way to experience,bliss

Patricia | September 1,2011

Excellent explanation! Thanks for guiding us through meditation, I enjoy that moment very much. I don’t want to open my eyes when I am told to do it :)

Yogesh | September 1,2011

I don’t want to sound trite here (i’ve been using mantra to meditate since 2006) how do you know you are meditating correctly?

heartphone | September 1,2011

Lol Yogesh that is a good one :)
You never know when you are in the gap…
You only know afterwards that you experienced it…

heartphone | September 1,2011

Children are in that gap for quite some time, until they move to becoming aware of themselves and then one knows one has lost something that will be a life-time process to “win” it back….
So guess becoming like children again is the right meditation :)
They call that dementia in the Western part of the world….

heartphone | September 1,2011

and therefore many are so afraid of loosing their ego…

Suzy | September 1,2011

Is it too late to sign up for the 21 day meditation? Could you please send me the link?

john of england | September 1,2011

meditation…i just the ability to stop the mind from fliting….i dont know what the 21 day med is?……sounds like it is reduced fliting for 21 days…..sounds like you are worried that you may be too late to sign up…little bit of mind fliting fear,maybe…it is never too late…emptyness of thought..has the same effect as focused thought,providing the focused thought makes us happy…and what makes one person happy could make another unhappy…it is unique to the individual…….meditation is fantastic way to stop the mind chatter..once the mind chatter reduces, we can focus better, on things we love,,that is how i see it….we become happy content,when the mind,focuses on things we love,in a positive way,not in a lose way….if we focus on how much we loved our cat who has been knocked over by a car,,and how much we miss tiddles,,then i would say we are focusing on love,but not the love that elevates us….thre used to be a great band called simple minds… simplify.

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