WellWorld Initiative

WellWorld unites organizations, missions and intentions by connecting resources, people and projects to collaboratively transform the world.Well World is a platform for anyone seeking change. A place where change makers connect. Well World’s underlying driver is collaboration. We are able to inspire all the different passions people have towards change: Environment, Education, Peace, Human Trafficking, Green Energy, Poverty and more – because each of the issues facing humanity is a part of an “un-well world.” Well World is a melting pot of all the spices of change, a place where they connect and then multiply.

THINK, SPEAK & ACT the change you wish to see.

Committed to Creating a Peaceful, Just Sustainable, Happier and Healthy World.

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The Chopra Foundation's Mission is to participate with individuals and organizations in creating a critical mass for a peaceful, just, sustainable, happier and healthy world through scientifically and experientially exploring non-dual consciousness as the ground of existence and applying this understanding in the enhancement of health, business, leadership and conflict resolution.

The Chopra Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization.