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  • Free Video: Nature of Reality hosted at Chapman University

    Posted on: May 5, 2011

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    Is there an ultimate reality? And if so, can it be accounted for by science? The panelists will address the questions posed, related to the natural existence of such a reality, and if it exists, whether it can be accounted for by science. Panelists include: Deepak Chopra, Menas Kafatos, Bill Wright, Jim Walsh, Stuart Hameroff, Leonard Mlodinow, Daniele Struppa, Henry Stapp, Carmichael Press, Michael Shermer


darshaya Mustacchio | May 5,2011

Hi I woud like to see Deepak…
I am in France playing volleyball… all I want is to see Deepak Chopra. On my birthday he was in Paris, May 4. I am in Lyon, France. I am from Santa Ana, California… it is funnny b/c my Great Grandparents lived in Carslbad before they died. All I want in DEEPAK! Pronto :)
So London is available?
Thank you… opportunity :)
Love Always, Darshaya
PS Can you forward this to Deepak?

heartphone | May 5,2011

Dear Deepak,

I’ve watched and listened to this discussion and the only one who really had to say something was that young man from the audience who managed to explain that life is one BIG adventure and the more one asks the less one can explain.

This discussion really has been the most futile I have ever seen.

If this explains the nature of reality then I am going to slide back in my spaceship and find a whole other one.

At the other side of the galaxy lol

kshatriya | May 5,2011


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heartphone | May 5,2011

am laughing and I can’t stop lol

Thanks for this lucrative offer. If it is Folger’s coffee, am in!

Am upgrading though to the fifth dimension where I am allowed with my very own vehicle to experience many parallel universes, with of course many services like the one you offered :)

So it will be great to compare some of these offers before choosing.

heartphone | May 5,2011

but first I have to go on a mission on another timeline and will be offline for the next 8-10 days because of this:

kshatriya | May 5,2011

Have a fun trip! Send Postcards!

AND…It has been my pleasure to co-create the non-stop laughter. (I had a lot of laughs typing it out) :)

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