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Why a Mental Universe Is the “Real” Reality

livingbodyBy Deepak Chopra, MD, Menas Kafatos, PhD, Bernardo Kastrup, PhD, Rudolph Tanzi, PhD









Science concerns itself with reality, in the form of “real particles”, “real organisms”, and the “real universe”. The tacit assumption is that science can answer the question of reality itself. If this wasn’t the case, science would have a hard time explaining why it holds a special place as a human activity. So one must grant that science concerns itself with the reality of “objects”. What this assumes, of course, is that objects exist independent of conscious experience. In the first two articles of this series, we’ve discussed the evidence that our universe is in fact fundamentally mental. What we call physical things and events, as it turns out, do not exist independently of subjective experience.


If they did, how would one even prove such existence? Conscious experience is the only way that reality can be known. The implications of this increasingly unavoidable conclusion—that the universe must be approached as fundamentally mental—are often misunderstood. For this reason, the vast majority of scientists cling to the belief in materialism, regarding anything else as metaphysics and not science. The goal of the present article is to address some of these misunderstandings.



Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes and your hearts as you watch Open your Eyes:

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Listen to Open Your Eyes featuring Salman Ahmad and  Peter Gabriel.


Child Actor releases 7 De Septiembre

Congratulations to our Sages and Scientists Art and Culture Alumnus, Child Actor, and the debut of

their new song, “7 De Septiembre”, dedicated to those seeking peace and freedom.

For Child Actor, “7 De Septiembre”—a cover of the 1991 single by Spanish electro-pop band Mecano—is as personal as anything in their own original discography. Marking the first time that Venezuelan vocalist Natalie Plaza has contributed vocals in her native Spanish to the project, it is a time capsule of longing and nostalgia released at a moment when her home country is in the throes of a prolonged economic and social crisis.

Keeping the tender melodicism and emotive dynamic range of the original intact, the duo seeks the sublime in the song’s startling contrast between sacred, hushed beauty and ‘90s synth-pop catharsis. As reverent as their approach may be, Child Actor’s signature is unmistakable as producer Max Heath sets Plaza’s alternately jubilant and whisper- quiet harmonies against an enigmatic foundation of swooping disembodied vocal samples.

Child Actor says: “This song is dedicated to Natalie’s friends and family in Venezuela and a generation that is being forced to substitute struggle for ambition.”

“7 De Septiembre” follows acclaimed 2014 LP Never Die and arrives as Plaza and Heath are in the midst of recording their next project under the working title Emberland.

And even though the tale came to an end there

something still alive in this love.

And, blow as hard as we may

There are flames that not even the sea (can quench).

September the 7th

is our aniversary,

and we don ́t know whether to kiss each other

on the cheek or the lips

Spanish Translation

Y aunque la historia se acabó

hay algo vivo en ese amor

que aunque empeñados en soplar

hay llamas que ni con el mar.

El siete de septiembre

es nuestro aniversario.

y no sabremos si besamos

en la cara o en los labios | | |