Online Consciousness and Wellbeing Questionnaire Study


There is preliminary evidence that the traditional practices of Ayurveda may promote health and wellbeing but there is little empirical evidence for this comprehensive system as a whole. There are numerous published studies showing that the individual practices of yoga and meditation have beneficial effects on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. However, in whole-system approaches such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, traditional practices are rarely practiced singularly. In Ayurveda, for example, Yoga asanas are practiced with meditation as well as pranayama (yogic deep breathing).

This study will examine psychosocial effects of ancient practices such as meditation, when combined with other mind-body practices such as yoga, cleansing, and spiritual and emotional teaching.

Meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic programs have been offered for over 15 years at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing at Omni La Costa Resort and Spa. Anecdotal reports by prior course participants include decreased anxiety, improvements in mood, sleep, concentration, reduction in stress, and overall improvement in wellbeing.

For this ongoing research study, individuals planning to take a program at the Chopra Center, and who consent to participate in the study, will be asked to complete several questionnaires assessing stress, anxiety, mindfulness, mood, and spirituality. Participants will be asked to complete questionnaires prior to coming to the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, immediately following their course, and approximately one month following completion of the course. By documenting the reported benefits of these mind-body programs, we can gather more scientific evidence of the effects of these programs and bring increased awareness to the importance of incorporating these practices into our lives.