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    Posted on: August 27, 2010

    Ever since I’ve started meditating, my mind is muddled with questions regarding my life, my aim, my existence and so many things. Is it because of something new taking place inside me or is it because of a social conditioning that we begin to look for such answers whenever we think of meditation and spirituality. Why are there only questions? How do we get the answers? Is it just the beginning?

    Yes, this is just the beginning of a journey of curiosity and seeking answers. That’s a good thing. Let your experience be your reference for what is true, not what books or authorities say. With meditation you have the tools for gaining direct contact with your authentic self. That firsthand experience will allow you to discern what is valuable knowledge and what isn’t. Don’t feel like you need to have all the answers. Make peace with, and even enjoy the feeling of wonderment and curiosity. Too often people are so anxious to have the answers to life that they adopt a traditional belief system or philosophical system that is not integral to their personal experience. Such an approach robs you of the opportunity to create a knowledge of life from the inside out. It takes much more time and energy to find the answers within you, but it is infinitely more rewarding.


Usha | August 27,2010

Very true Deepakji. Very simple comparison could be of finding out a solution to a math problem. When the same solution is taught by a teacher, no dobut we would understand it. But if we solve it by ourselves, the satisfaction is unmatched.

Sam | August 27,2010

Great question! Thank you for such insightful question. Dr. Deepak thank you so much for sharing: your words are precious drops of life-giving water in a hot desert.

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