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The 13th Disciple: A Spiritual Adventure

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Cardiovascular and nervous system changes during meditation

Originally published in Frontiers
Steven R. Steinhubl1*, Nathan E. Wineinger1, Sheila Patel2, Debra L. Boeldt1,Geoffrey Mackellar3, Valencia Porter2, Jacob Redmond4, Evan D. Muse1, Laura Nicholson1, Deepak Chopra2 and Eric J. Topol1

  • Scripps Translational Science Institute, USA
  • The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, USA
  • Emotiv Research Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Emotiv, Inc, USA

A number of benefits have been described for the long-term practice of meditation, yet little is known regarding the immediate neurological and cardiovascular responses to meditation. Wireless sensor technology allows, for the first time, multi-parameter and quantitative monitoring of an individual’s responses during meditation. The present study examined inter-individual variations to meditation through continuous monitoring of EEG, blood pressure, heart rate and its variability (HRV) in novice and experienced meditators. Methods: Participants were 20 experienced and 20 novice meditators involved in a week-long wellness retreat. Monitoring took place during meditation sessions on the first and last full days of the retreat. All participants wore a patch that continuously streamed ECG data, while half of them also wore a wireless EEG headset plus a non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitor. Results: Meditation produced variable but characteristic EEG changes, significantly different from baseline, even among novice meditators on the first day. In addition, although participants were predominately normotensive, the mean arterial blood pressure fell a small (2-3 mmHg) but significant (p<0.0001) amount during meditation. The effect of meditation on HRV was less clear and influenced by calculation technique and respiration. No clear relationship between EEG changes, HRV alterations or mean blood pressure during meditation was found. Conclusion: This is the first study to investigate neurological and cardiovascular responses during meditation in both novice and experienced meditators using novel, wearable, wireless devices. Meditation produced varied inter-individual physiologic responses. These results support the need for further investigation of the short- and long-term cardiovascular effects of mental calm and individualized ways to achieve it. (more…)


Can Wisdom Save Us? Why It Has To (Part 2)

Written by: Deepak Chopra, MD


Although almost everyone fears the effects of climate change and deplores the inaction of governments around the world, neither attitude gets us any closer to solving the problem. Many pin their hopes on a breakthrough in technology that could somehow clean the atmosphere of greenhouse gases, while others resign themselves–and the world–to accepting global warming as a fait accompli that we must adjust to. In the first post of this series it was proposed that humanity has reached a turning point. Not just climate change but several other global problems (for example, AIDS, pandemics, overpopulation, a lack of clean drinking water) will be unsolvable unless our evolution as a species changes course.

For centuries human evolution has primarily depended on how we use our minds. Natural selection, random genetic mutations, and raw competition for food and mating privileges, which form the foundation of Darwinian evolution, either don’t apply to us anymore or have been drastically minimized, pushed to the fringes while mental evolution occupies center stage.



Can Wisdom Save Us? Why It Has To (Part 1)

By Deepak Chopra, MD

Photo-Feb-24-7-15-46-PM-300x200There’s always a sense of crisis in the air generated by whatever bad news is making the headlines. At the moment, the greatest alarm is being stirred by terrorism and the spread of Islamic extremism. Yet at a deeper level, our anxiety centers on something much deeper, the possibility that the human experiment has reached a dead end. A set of enormous problems face us, from climate change and overpopulation to epidemic disease and global water shortages, that test the limits of human nature.

The terrible possibility of moving backward in our evolution as a species seems possible to many observers.  We occupy a unique place in Earth’s evolutionary history, being the only creatures threatened not by natural selection but by our mindset.

Pessimists point to climate change as a stark example. Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence in favor of global warming, no solution is being acted upon quickly enough. The American public has become numbed by issue fatigue. Deniers have political clout, and ordinary citizens feel helpless to the point that many feel doomed. We continually prefer to either ignore the problem or push it away as the consumer lifestyle adds more and more to the underlying problem of greenhouse gas emissions. (more…)


We support Brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged – SAS#13

Let’s join together and support art and culture, Brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged – SAS#13.  This is their world premiere.

tearsdrop artBiography
A Teardrop From Below,the beginning of the next chapter Brothers Andrew & Daniel Aged of inc. share a new song, the fruits of reflection inwards and patience. The time and space to connect and grow as people, and musicians. Taken from a live recording session this Summer, where the foundation for new Music was laid, “A Teardrop” emerged like a drop of dew on a morning leaf.

With new music on hand, A+D took off on their own journeys, continuing to develop the Music. Andrew, in new home of Hawaii, adding guitar, vocals.Daniel, traveling around the world, adding production and mixing Teardrop. The song features the live band, Sam Gendel on keyboards, and the Drums of Kevin Yokota.


Today, you can listen and let go A Teardrop From Below Hanging over me to see The hole in sky in the sky The hole over me.

*Special thanks Red Bull Studios LA.