• Remember Me – Support Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Research

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    “The Voice” and the Neuroscientist Team Up to Fight Alzheimer’s.  After meeting in a television studio this unlikely pair has teamed up with Cure Alzheimer’s Fund for a worthy cause: Campaign Remember Me.  Proceeds from sales of the song and direct donations will support innovative research into the causes of the disease and the development of effective therapies to stop it. Because Cure Alzheimer’s Fund’s Board of Directors funds all the organization’s expense, every penny of every contribution goes directly to research.


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  • Committed to helping create a more peaceful, just, sustainable, happier, and healthy world

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  • Powers of Mind: In Praise of Subtle Actions

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    By Deepak Chopra


    At a time when the mass of headlines seem to be about the brain, artificial intelligence, robotics, and smarter computers, not enough is said about the mind. When reduced to a mechanism, the mind somehow is thought to turn into the brain, with no difference between them. It’s true that the brain seems to exhibit physical changes that correlate with every activity of the mind, and one day the word “seems” may no longer be necessary. The brain as mirror of the mind may be completely understood and mapped out.


    It should be underlined, however, that neuroscience is far from understanding the mind’s subtlety, and the most sophisticated brain scans take broad swipes at mental processes–there is no fine detail. The same areas of the brain devoted to language will light up on an fMRI whether Shakespeare is writing a sonnet or a very bad poet is writing doggerel. There is no area of the brain that can remotely be detected in such detail that a researcher reading the scan can say, “Oh, that’s Mozart.” In fact, if you present our brain scan to a neuroscientist, he won’t be able to identify who you are, either. The broad strokes of current brain research yield interesting and medically valuable information, but they don’t come close to explaining the activity I’d call “subtle action.”

  • Celebrating the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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    Drs. Clarence B. Jones and Diane Nash joined our 2013 Sages and Scientists Symposium and share the history of the non violence movement and their continued commitment to social change.


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    Topic: The Legacy of Dr. King’s Commitment to Non Violence: The 21st Century Challenge to Our Nation 

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    Topic: The Nonviolent Movement of the 1960′s: A Legacy for Today 

  • Can Science and Religion Save Each Other? (Part 2)

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    by Deepak Chopra, MD


    Science is used to being dominant, and religion is used to being defensive–these are familiar poses for two worldviews, the one being on the rise, the other on the decline. Generally when an entire belief system is on the decline, it steadily disappears. There’s no need to believe that the king’s touch can cure disease once modern medicine appears, and no need for bleeding to be a medical practice when its usefulness is experimentally invalidated. But the model of progress that substitutes automobiles for horse-drawn carriages doesn’t apply to religion. It may lose adherents who accept the argument that scientific rationality is superior to faith. The values of modern secular society are constantly on the rise.

Committed to Creating a Peaceful, Just Sustainable, Happier and Healthy World.

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