The Chopra Foundation’s Mission is to participate with individuals and organizations in creating a critical mass for a peaceful, just, sustainable, and healthy world through scientifically and experientially exploring non-dual consciousness as the ground of existence and applying this understanding in the enhancement of health, business, leadership and conflict resolution.

The Chopra Foundation is dedicated to improving health and well being, cultivating spiritual knowledge, expanding consciousness, and promoting world peace to all members of the human family.

Core Activities:

    Education and Research

    1. Annual Sages and Scientists Symposium
    2. Annual prizes to Sages and Scientists for contribution to the understanding of consciousness and their contribution to the betterment of humanity.
    3. Collaboration with universities and institutions on research on the scientific understanding of consciousness.


    Collaboration with and Support of:

      1. Akshaya Patra – www.foodforeducation.org
      2. ProjectWhy – www.projectwhy.org
      3. StartFund.nl – www.startfund.nl
      4. Peace is a Lifestyle – www.peaceisalifestyle.com
      5. Death Makes Life Possible – www.deathmakeslifepossible.com/
      6. Weightless Project – www.weightlessproject.org

“We dream of a universe where people know themselves to be expressions of the One spirit.

We dream of a universe where people see themselves as beings of love.

We dream of a universe where peace, harmony, laughter, and love flow freely, where life is celebrated and fear is absent.

We dream of a universe where leaders work tirelessly and selflessly to fulfill the highest aspirations of the human soul.

We ask you to dream with us as we respond to the hunger of the universe through.”


Offering teaching and resources for health and spirituality for disadvantaged individuals and communities, specifically through our concrete commitments to:

  • At-risk children, introducing them to music and art for empowerment, meditation and mind body practices
  • Low-income women and teenagers, offering them comprehensive pre-natal support to help bring their babies safely to full term and birth weight
  • Prisoners, teaching them meditation for awareness and peace
  • Educating healers about the powerful resources of Ayurveda, mind-body practices and spirituality, through giving scholarships to selected healers to attend specific programs
  • Initiating scientific research into mind-body practices to support our educational work and further understanding
  • Starting at the very first moments in life, to seeing individuals and communities in the world at peace with themselves and their neighbors while living fully each moment of existence.