Ayurvedic Herbal Cleanse Intervention



It has long been recognized that ancient practices such as herbal cleansing can promote health, longevity and wellbeing but there is little scientific evidence for this.
We are conducting this study to examine this issue.

The Chopra Center’s 6-day Perfect Health program features the signature Zrii Purify™ cleansing system, which is an oral cleanse product that simulates a traditional Ayurvedic panchakarma cleanse. The Ayurvedic Herbal Cleanse Intervention (AHCI) is designed to study the health benefits of the Purify cleanse, which consists of plant-based fiber and oil, as well as Ayurvedic herbs that help to mobilize and eliminate toxins from the body, strengthen digestion, balance metabolism, and improve energy and vitality.
While our previous studies have taken a systems biology approach by incorporating the Zrii Purify™ cleanse with other aspects of the Perfect Health program such as massage, Ayurvedic diet, yoga, and meditation, the Ayurvedic Herbal Cleanse Intervention (AHCI) study will be looking solely at the effects of the Zrii Purify™ cleanse on the gastrointestinal system in addition to overall wellbeing. Participants incorporating the Zrii Purify™ cleanse into their diet will be compared to those participants who are not ingesting the Zrii Purify™ cleanse.