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Peace from 11 Days of Global Unity by Deepak Chopra, Karenna Gore, and Kabir Sehgal

This interview is part of 11 Days of Global Unity, a free online event featuring brilliant changemakers all over the globe making meaningful progress on critical issues such as the environment, health, economic justice and peace. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.


Oprah & Deepak Creating Peace From the Inside Out

Create peace within yourself, and let its energy open up your relationships and your world.screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-12-15-29-pm

Join Oprah and Deepak to connect with your innate core of peace and love. Leave self-judgment and conflict behind as you transform every relationship into one of loving kindness. Embrace your inner peace and let it illuminate every aspect of your life: your family, your friends, your community, and even the world.

Your transformation starts on Monday, October 31st in Oprah and Deepak’s all-new, free 21-Day Meditation Experience, Creating Peace from the Inside Out: The Power of Connection


Life Camp Peace Week at Fordham University – Manhattan

Tish James, Eddie Stern, Lemon Andersen, Spike Lee, Christina Greer, Oresa Napper-Williams, Deepak, Erica  Ford, Nya-Ari khepra together at the Town Hall Meeting on Gun Violence and Solutions today – Fordham University.

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Can the Problem of Evil Be Solved Or Only Contained?

ForgivenessBy Deepak Chopra, MD

ISIS and its atrocious acts have thrown the issue of evil into high relief. Once more we are forced to confront a horrifying aspect of human nature and to ask ourselves what can be done about it.  This post isn’t about U.S. policy against ISIS–that’s the business of the President, his advisers, the military, and Congress. But evil itself deserves better, clearer thinking than what it generally gets. If better thinking leads to better policy, all the more reason to find it.


Recorded history contains no time when human evil didn’t exist, although only very recently has it been called a problem. Traditionally, evil was looked upon as something much worse than a problem–the fruit of sin, the work of cosmic satanic forces, a divine punishment, or an animalistic instinct. It has taken thousands of years to get past such thinking, and when atrocities arouse public fear and hatred, the old explanations return. But on the other hand, it has become possible to think of evil in terms of psychology and its insights, which is a mark of progress.